Bird Netting 3x3 cm 4x25 meter
Bird Netting 3x3 cm 4x25 meter

Bird Netting 3x3 cm 4x25 meter

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09,094-Net 3x3-4x25

Net for bird aviaries 3x3 cm 4x25 meters

- Mainly used as cover or netting / covering of bird aviaries. (little birds)

- Mesh size: 30 x 30 mm.
-Length 25 meters.
-Width: 4 metres.
-Weight approx. 1.5 kg
-Color green.

There are several ways to do it.
For larger areas, you use a fence wire/tightening wire on each side which you weave into the net, then the wires are tightened at the same time as you distribute the net.
For smaller areas, you have to count stitches and do a little math.
Since the mesh size is 3*3 cm and turns 45 degrees. Gives each stitch 4.5 cm on each joint, and not 6 cm as if you tighten it all the way up on one joint.
That is, if you keep the mesh distance of 4.5 cm or less along the length, it should not cause any problems with the installation in the width.

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