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Net funnel Ø 45 cm.
Net funnel Ø 45 cm. Net funnel Ø 45 cm.

Net funnel Ø 45 cm.

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15,060-Net tragt Ø 45 cm.

Christmas tree funnel ø 45 cm.

This funnel is significantly stronger and more durable than the compact model.
The funnel can be removed from the base without the use of tools, so that it takes up as little space as possible during storage and transport.

The metal funnel is for hand use, where you throw the wood in from one side and then go around to the other side and pull the wood out. It is not a funnel that several men stand and struggle with. Then you have to choose a larger net funnel.

Net consumption:
About 75 pieces are netted. 2 meter trees on 300 meters of Christmas tree netting.

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