Wildlife fence 200/17/15 STAY LOCK / TIGHTLOCK (100m)

-Wildlife Fence 2 meters high
-Top and bottom wire: 2.5 mm
-Between threads: 2.5 mm.
-Distance between horizontal wires: 11x10-2x15-3x20 cm.
-Number of horizontal wires: 17 pcs. 1275-1448 N/mm2
-Above and below the line tensile strength 6200-7100N (approved for breeding of deer)
-Distance between vertical wires: 15 cm.
-Zinc 245-285 grams per square meter. m2.
-Weight: 154 kg each. roller.
-Length per. roll 100 meters.

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06,023-vildthegn 200-17-15 STAY LOCK
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